The Life Changing Magic Of Switching Gears

When I decided to go back to school I knew it would be a big change.

I’d been a stay at home/work at home mom for the last five years. I’d been to college before as a mature student when I only had one child instead of two. I knew there would be adjustments to routines. I knew about the homework, the struggle for balance, the mom guilt…

The real changes though? I didn’t see those coming.

I described my first week back in the classroom like waking up from a five-year coma.

Staying home was a wonderful experience in many ways, and I’m grateful I had the opportunity while they were young to spend that time with them and support their dad while he had his turn to go back to school and change careers. But little by little I began to lose myself.

For the first time in five years I feel like I’m becoming me again. I’ve found a passion I didn’t know was possible – this program feels like it was made for me in a lot of ways and I truly feel like I’ve finally found my people.

I’m still trying to find my own balance. It’s been challenging juggling family, home,  school, and all my other responsibilities as a busy mom and student. But it’s so worth it.







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